Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Zealous Love

Zealous Love by Mike and Danae Yankoski Published by Zondervan

Many people know that there are vast injustices in our world. Few people choose to involved themselves in the plight of those afflicted. In Zealous Love, Mike and Danae Yankoski have chosen eight of these injustices and collected writings by people who seek to improve such conditions. They include the contact information for organizations that are involved, allowing their readers to also get involved. Their topics range from human trafficking to hunger and creation degradation to economic inequality.
This book provided interesting snapshots from people who are seeking to help the human condition. Often I was left wanting to hear more from these people. An excellent quality of this book is that it lists organizations to contact if the reader wants to get involved. Should the reader be unable to travel the world, there is still plenty to do. The authors do not seek to cast guilt upon us for the relatively rich lifestyle we live, they just point out the plight of others and invite us to help. The book is broken down into sections with short readings which makes it ideal for any reader's schedule.

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