Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fit To Be Tied

In Fit to Be Tied, Robin Lee Hatcher continues her "The Sister's of Bethlehem Springs" series. You do not have to read the first to enjoy the second. Tomboy Cleo Arlington is content to wear pants instead of dresses and to tame horses instead of do embroidery. Forced to do anything else and her temper flares. Across the world, war veteran Sherwood Statham runs from his memories and experiences, indulging in wine, women, and gambling. His embarrassed father, a Duke, sends his son to America hoping he'll reform, but at the least, relieved to have his son out of sight. When Cleo and Sherwood meet, there are fireworks. Will they be willing to change to at least keep the peace on the ranch?

Anyone who has read a Christian romance novel knows how the book turns out without even turning a page. Usually, I do not enjoy reading them for that reason. This book is different. I found the characters to be interesting enough to hold my attention. The rhythm of the book does flow nicely although there are a few times I needed to reread to figure out the exact time table of events. Overall, this was an entertaining way to pass a few hours and would make a good book for under the Christmas tree.

On my 1-4 scale, I give this a 3.
1: Did not like it at all
2: Amusing, but won't read again
3: Very entertaining, would read again
4: Thought provoking/personally applicable/classic

Fit to Be Tied, published by Zondervan

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