Saturday, March 19, 2011

Plain Proposal

Saul didn't know it yet, but Miriam was going to marry him.

Miriam's summer stretched before her and she anticipated it with much excitement.  Her cousin was on her way to visit; getting away from some troubles.  Miriam was in her runschpringe, a time of freedom for Amish teens.  Then there was Saul, the man Miriam loved and was determined to catch the eye of.  This wonderful time was sure to end predictably, she thought, with her cousin going home, Miriam joining the church and marrying Saul.  But life is strange and unpredictable and soon things happen that she never could have imagined.  Will life ever be the same?  Will her faith hold up no matter where she goes?  Is Saul really the one? 

Plain Proposal by Beth Wiseman is one in the series of Daughters of Promise.  This book was a very interesting read and I found myself unable to put it down.  There are twists and turns that are very unexpected and compelling.  Wiseman transports her readers to Miriam's home from page one.  For a reader who complains about the predictability of Amish novels, I would say, "try this."  If you love that same predictability, do not fear, there is much to capture you as well.  I would give this a 4 out of 5.

Beth Wiseman was an award winning journalist until 2008 when she decided to write novels full time.  She is currently contracted with Thomas Nelson to write a certain number of Amish themed books, but she does have her first non-Amish book releasing in 2012. 

Plain Proposal was written by Beth Wiseman, published by Thomas Nelson

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