Monday, April 11, 2011

The Desert Gift

It's not quite that simple.  There's a disconnect because we're not who we were when we got married.  This is not the life I signed up for.  We've both changed too much.

Jillian Galloway  is a nationally syndicated host of her own radio show.  She is about to step into the world of book touring with her very first book.  Her subject of expertise?  Marriage.  Her work is based on listening to countless women talk about their marriages as well as her own experience of being married to Jack for twenty four years.  As their marriage is long lasting and secure, the book is full of stories and examples of their own life together.  Jack even created recipes for the book.  They'll do the book tour then have a well deserved vacation together.  Life couldn't be better.  As they depart their home, Jack tells Jillian that he isn't going and wants a separation.  Before she can catch her breath and respond, he puts her in a taxi and begins his new solitary life.  Jillian's world comes crashing down as everything she has believed in gets challenged, including her relationship with God.

Having recently read The Beach House by Sally John, I was excited to read another of her books.  She did not disappoint in her well developed characters and real to life plot.  She makes an excellent point through the book that marriage is not a one-size-fits-all venture, there is no formula to follow for the perfect marriage.  There are many books and "experts" which offer good advice, but they do not guarantee anything.  Without a formula to solve the problems, Jillian wonders if there is any way to repair her marriage and herself.  I like the way the story is unpredictable, moving forwards and backwards as each character makes decisions.  I enjoyed less the subplot of her son, saying more would spoil the tale.  I award Desert Gift four out of five pieces of bacon.   

Sally John writes across a broad spectrum.  She has written novels, computer software manuals, and magazine articles.  She is a speaker at conferences about writing and family issues.  She has worked independently and collaborated with others.  In the past she also taught.  Sally John is a mother, grandmother, and wife.

Desert Gift was written by Sally John, published by Tyndale House Publishing.

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