Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Short Life Well Lived

Brian O'Connor might be blind, but he is very successful in the district attorney's office.  He has a loving wife and two beautiful children.  He has overcome odds and pushed forth to something close to the American Dream.  It all becomes meaningless when his son's broken arm reveals a malignant tumor.  With his son's uncertain future, O'Connor must ask himself where his faith has been rooted and learns that it is in himself.  As his son questions his own mortality, O'Connor is challenged.  Will his son over come cancer?  Will O'Connor find a faith deeper than himself?

The first thing you need to know about this book is that it is a novel.  It is fiction.  It is not real.  Write that on a bookmark to read to yourself as you go through this book because you will need the reminder.  If someone accidentally shelved this with biographies, a reader might not know the difference.  That said, this is a very powerful work.  Tom Sullivan has written a story that will pull at the heartstrings of every parent and grandparent.  For those whose lives have been touched by cancer, get a box of tissues, you will need them.  At the end, before your tears are dry, you will have hope though, for the book does not end in grief, but in hope.  The book does have some theological weaknesses, but I do not believe that every fiction book needs to completely present the Gospel.  Readers seeking a full Christ centered message should know that this book does not provide that.  The book does strongly proclaim that God loves us and we are not alone in running this race called life.  The Ruminating Reader gives this 5 out of 5 pieces of bacon. 

Tom Sullivan was born prematurely which caused his blindness.  Despite his disability, he enjoys a variety of sports.  He is an actor, singer, author, speaker, director, and producer.

Written by Tom Sullivan.  Published by Howard Books a division of Simon & Schuster Inc.

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