Sunday, February 12, 2012

The God Box

"She started writing down her petitions on random scraps of paper that she addressed to God and then placed into her God Box for resolution and relief."

After her mother passed away, Mary Lou Quinlan, her brother and their father began moving through their grief.  Remembering her mother's habit of writing down her prayers and tucking the papers into small boxes, Mary Lou went looking for her mother's "God Box."  She did not find just one box, but several covering decades of prayer.  As the family began sorting through, they realized how much her mother trusted God and cared for those around her.  Desiring to share her mother's faith and encourage others, Mary Lou created this book.  She shares her mother's faith, some of the prayers, and her own journey.

Last year I was flipping through a magazine and there was an article written by Quinlan about her mother's God Box.  I do not know if her book was inspired by successful articles or if the article was an excerpt from the book.  I do know that my interest was piqued.  When I first started flipping through the book, I was a bit disappointed.  This is not a thick book to sit and read, but more of a gift book to browse through and read snippets of.  There are many pictures of slips of paper with prayers written on them.  This is a book you'd want to have a hard copy of, not just a copy for an e-reader.  I do think it is a beautiful tribute from a daughter to a mother.  I think Quinlan may inspire people to "let go and let God" by sharing how her mother did that.  I think 3 out of 5 stars is appropriate for this book.

Mary Lou Quinlan holds an MBA from Fordham University.  She is a marketing strategist, speaker, and author of three previous books.  She and her husband live in New York City.

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