Thursday, March 10, 2011

Christianity in Crisis

I actually have had some further thoughts and hope to have time to expound on them later, but due to the shortness of time and space elsewhere, here are my thoughts in brief.
In Christianity in Crisis, Hank Hanegraaff presents the beliefs of several well known preachers/evangelists. He shows what they believe, how they "prove" their beliefs, and finally what the basics are of solid Christian faith. Some of the names are from a past generation and not as recognizable, but just about any Christian today would recognize several of the persons mentioned. These men and women believe that we are all entitled to prosper financial and physically. That if we are poor and/or unhealthy, it is our own fault due to lack of faith. Furthermore, they believe if we speak our desires as if they were truth, they will come to pass in our lives and we can be rich financially, physically, and in any other area we so desire.
I was very pleased with this book. The information was presented in a very orderly manner. He slowly walks the reader through the material step by step so that you fully understand the arguments being made. Additionally, Hanegraaff ends by sharing information on how to know what you believe so that you can test the preaching of anyone. Aside from knowing from personal Bible study, what the Bible says, knowing how to test the words of others is a one of the best skills to have. More and more people are looking for answers these days with the economy being a challenge for many, illness rates at an all time high; many would like to believe that they can have better in this world. Many would like to believe that they can change their lives. To a certain extent we can, but we must remember Who sits on high. We must remember where our treasure should be. We must remember that we cannot see the big picture.
I highly recommend this book if you have questions regarding these preachers and their beliefs or if someone you know does.

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