Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Gift of Grace

A Gift of Grace was written by Amy Clipston and will be published by Zodervan this spring.

A Gift of Grace by Amy Clipston begins with Rebecca Kauffman returning to her home and husband, Daniel, after being away for nearly a month to see to the estate of her late sister and brother in law. When she returns home, she brings her two teenage nieces with her. The pages that follow detail the adjustment they all must make in living and working together. Rebecca and Daniel go from having a childless home to having two teenagers. Lindsey and Jessica go from living a very modern life to the simple life of the Amish. All four explore not just their faith, but their innermost feelings on relationships. The book ends with some difficult choices that the characters must make and yet remain true to who they are. Around these four, there is a swirl of friends and family, each dealing with what life has handed them.
Ms. Clipston does an excellent job in the development of this small community and in explaining their ways and beliefs. The character interaction is believable and realistic. As I closed the back cover I was left with a feeling of wanting more; not because the story was not ended well, but because the peaceful atmosphere of the book was appealing. It was a very enjoyable and refreshing read.

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