Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Great Eight by Scott Hamilton

Ever since I was a little girl, my mother watched ice skating on TV. It wasn't long before I began to watch with her. I came to love the sport, until the drama of the mid 90s, when I didn't actively pursue viewing it. I always tuned in when one performer was on though, and that was Scott Hamilton. He was always a happy, energetic performer with such skill that I wondered if there were any boundaries for him. My life now does not include a TV feed, so I haven't watched ice skating in a long time, but I've always noted with interest when Hamilton is in the news. In that way, I've followed the news of his cancer and his tumor. I was excited to see he had a new book out and began to read with much enthusiasm. I wish I could say the enthusiasm stayed at a high level, but it has fluctuated during the reading of The Great Eight.
I loved the stories he had to share from his life and some of his points are very good, relevant, and true. Honestly, I can't pinpoint my exact problem with the book. I feel uncomfortable with the idea that the goal in life is to be happy. I think his great eight can certainly make life better, but it doesn't mean you will be happier. And ultimately, not all his points are backed up biblically. He does pull some scripture in, which is good, but at other times it is based solely on his personal experience, which for me, is a bit too much "church of Scott."
To summarize, it's a great read about his life and how he has managed to not just survive, but thrive through his illnesses. It has great principles on being honest with yourself and others. As a book on personal growth, it needs to be rooted in something more. On my 1-3 rating scale, I give it a 2.

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