Thursday, March 10, 2011

It Happened In Italy

For most of the world, the triumphs and tragedies of World War II are fading into history. For some people, it's something they carry with them every day. Elizabeth Bettina writes of her journey from the former to the later. Unlike many people today, Bettina at least had an idea of her family's past and was able to visit with her family in Italy. While there, she discovered the secret of the town her people came from; not a shameful secret, but a beautiful testimony to the generosity and kindness that live on in the human nature. All across Italy, entire towns were involved in running camps for Jews that were completely unlike the camps in other European countries. As the Nazi regime spread, towns in Italy helped Jews escape to safer locations, Bettina discovered.
This book was a pleasure to read from start to finish. I enjoyed reading about the way her exploration snowballed from meeting one survivor, then another, and another to meeting those who helped Jews survive to those who desire to recognize these events. The book is written in a very friendly style that is easy to read. There are many pictures included throughout the book, instead of just in the middle. I know this is just the beginning of the story and hope that someday she will share more of her discoveries.

It Happened In Italy by Elizabeth Bettina, published by Thomas Nelson

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