Thursday, March 10, 2011

When Love Blooms

A young woman leaves her comfortably wealthy life to live on a ranch with strangers. A mother prepares to leave her children and this world behind for the next. A man lives with pain that he's had since he was a child. These three people must learn to live and love in ways completely new to them. The young woman finds that her true desires for the future are unlike those she's held onto all her life. The mother learns that planning for something doesn't mean it will happen as expected. The man searches for forgiveness, not for himself but the people of his past and is able to face the future with hope.

Since I have read many Christian romances, I felt confident that I knew how the book would end and I must admit, I was right. However, I was pleased to find that some of my predictions regarding middle of the book events were not accurate. I enjoyed the way the book transitioned from character to character and found it greatly enhanced the tale. I found it easy to pick it up and read in small installments between my daily tasks. For its genre, it is a good read.
When Love Blooms by Robin Lee Hatcher Published by Zondervan

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