Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Invitation to the Jesus Life

Everyone is familiar with the question of "What Would Jesus Do?," but few people actually ask, "How would Jesus do?" In Invitation to the Jesus Life, Jan Johnson gives us plenty of food for thought and practical application. Johnson encourages the reader to think about attributes that Jesus had and how we can practice those same disciplines in our own lives. She definitely challenges her audience to step outside their comfort zone.
I enjoyed this book very much. I was pleased that not only did it come with application ideas at the end of each chapter, but there is a group study guide in the back as well as a thorough bibliography. I have lots of other books to look into now. Just don't be mistaken and think this is an easy step by step guide. There is a lot of opportunity for introspection and personal challenge. This is a book I am proud to have on my shelf, although I think it will spend a lot of time in my hands instead.
Invitation to the Jesus Life by Jan Johnson published by Navpress

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