Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Return to Sullivan's Island

Return to Sullivans Island by Dorthea Benton Frank Published by HarperCollins Publishers

I had a chance to read and review this book through Mom Central. I send many thanks their way because I did not even know that there was a new DBF book coming out and she is one of my favorite modern writers. Before I get into the official review write up, let me just say this: "go get this book." It's out, in stores, get thee gone people. I love her writing style. So many times she hits on the true emotions and thoughts a person has. Sometimes crazy things happen to her characters, but that's true to real life. And then she uses a fantastic setting, the coast of South Carolina, a place steeped in history and salt water. It's just fantastic! When I read her books I know I will laugh and cry, possibly at the same time. So there's my unofficial review in general, where I drool all over. Now here's the official write up which will find it's way to amazon sometime today in between diaper changes and slicing stuff for our cook out.
A new generation is stepping up on the history drenched Sullivans Island. What happens when the ghosts of the departed (all dearly for the sole reason that they're family) come head to head with modern life? Beth Hayes, the daughter of Susan Rifkin is about to find out. Dorthea Benton Frank takes us into the world of evening cocktails, sandy beaches, and rocking chairs on porches to witness what the Hamilton family is up to now. Most of the family is scattered around the globe, but Beth, fresh out of college, comes home to make sure all stays well with the Island Gamble.
Benton Frank stays true to the spirit of her other books. You will want to laugh and cry and not put the book down until you are finished. As the story unfolded, I kept making guesses as to what would happen with Beth and those around her. I was right only on a few minor points. Benton Frank was able to bring out surprise after surprise and keep me on the line until the very end. Return is as tightly written as her other novels and she continues to bring her other much loved characters in when you least expect it. I highly recommend that you add this to your summer reading list. Just make sure you have access to a library because when you finish, you'll want to scoop up more of her books.

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