Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Farraday Road

Farraday Road by Ace Collins Published by Zondervan

A terrible crime has been committed, a young woman ruthlessly murdered and her husband left for dead, and no one knows why. The husband, Lije Evans is left to go on with his life without his beloved wife by his side. He is determined to find out who was behind the murder and why. As he does so, life, with its twists and turns, becomes a new adventure for him. He has finally acquired something he has wanted almost all his life. Could this be the reason behind the tragedy?
I confess, mystery/crime books have never been my first choice when selecting books to read, but I keep getting them in the mail to review. I am delighted! This story is very appealing on many levels and convinces me that this genre can be engaging. The pace of the book is just about perfect except for a small section towards the end, but I think Mr. Collins did this purposely to show a change in the characters. There are few, if any, loopholes in the tale. Be prepared though, that while there is a conclusion to parts of the story, not all the questions are answered. There is a sequel coming out on October 1 which continues the story. As this was so good, I have gone so far as to preorder which I have only done so one other time in my life.

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