Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Storm Warriors: A Novel

Storm Warriors: A Novel by Jon Nappa Published byNavPress

In Storm Warriors: A Novel, Jon Nappa Lionel Lukin has it all, a prosperous business, a wife he loves dearly, and a beautiful son. They set sail together on what should have been a simple trip, but it turns disastrous when a storm hits, the ship sunk, and his loved ones are washed out to sea. As Lionel recovers in this seaside village, he watches the same tragedy befall ship after ship. Using his knowledge from his business, he believes there is something he can do to help. His plans meet optimism and scoffing within the village. Will he be successful? Will he be able to build a new life for himself?
This story is loosely based on history, which is normally very appealing to me. I expected to zip right through this book in a few days. Unfortunately, I found there to be a lack of character development and the writing to be dry. I liked the basic story, but the way it was written was not enough to pull me in. I also found the ending to be disappointing. I won't say more about it because I wouldn't want to spoil the story. Lukin's triumph over tragedy may be inspiring, but overall, this book is not.

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