Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What the Heart Sees

What the Heart Sees is a collection of three novellas by Kathleen Fuller.  A Miracle for Miriam is about a young lady who was once very hurt.  She carries that pain with her every day of her life, but masks it under being busy.  Seth is recovering from a horrible car accident which has made him see what his priorities in life should be.  Can both of them find the healing they need?  Josiah has returned to Paradise with intentions to leave as quickly as he can.  Can he avoid the demons from his past or will he ultimately confront them and put them to rest?  He believes he is fighting alone, but he has forgotten the tenacity of his youthful best friend, Amanda.  She is excited to see her friend back, but cannot understand why he has changed so much.  In A Place of His Own, we find out that friendship and faith can overcome that which seems impossible alone.  What the Heart Sees is the final novella in this book.  The Amish community is recovering from a deadly car accident.  The survivors are moving forward with their lives, all but one who has fled to get as far as he can from the pain.  Christopher must decide if he can come to terms with what happened and truly live again.  Ellie must share her pain and accept her disability.  Will their friendship help them overcome the tragedy?
I enjoyed reading these three stories.  The issues confronting the characters are issues that many people face and these tales can help us to grapple with forgiveness, love, faithfulness, and hope.  I found parts of Miriam's tale to go a bit slowly, be somewhat repetitious, so I can't say that was my favorite of the three.  I do believe the middle book about Amanda and Josiah is my favorite because of the faithfulness of her friendship.  The final story is the most complex of the three, but not to its detriment.  This book offers many hours of entertaining reading and I award it 4 out of 5 pieces of bacon. 

Kathleen Fuller is a wife and mother as well as an author of novels, novellas, and short stories.  She has degrees in early childhood and special education.

Trouble was, her heart refused to cooperate.

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