Friday, June 3, 2011

Jump Off the Hormone Swing

"That day-when I lay on the floor in the bedroom closet, curled in the fetal position, sobbing-I didn't need medical insight about why..."

All women experience symptoms related to their monthly cycle, it's just a matter of severity.  From tender and sore body parts to crying jags, it can be difficult to deal with the most common of life.  Lorraine Pintus believes that "the most horrible symptoms of hormonal swings are often not the aches in our bodies, but the assaults on our souls that rip our identity and tear at the fabric of our noble calling as women."  Pintus examines the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of PMS and perimenopause.  She states that the spiritual component of this female issue is under-examined.

There are many books available that talk about PMS, menopause, and other cycles of a woman's life.  They are helpful and by incorporating their suggestions, you can improve your physical and sometimes mental health when your hormones make you feel terrible.  What sets Pintus' book apart from the rest is the extra step she takes in talking about how our cycles effect us spiritually.  She does not ignore the physical and mental aspects, in fact, she begins with them.  She briefly talks about why women feel poorly, how hormones effect us, and gives tips to alleviate the symptoms.  She then begins to explore how women can be effected spiritually.  She gives suggestions for being and acting like a godly woman even when you feel crazy.  She challenges you to look at your view of menstruation.  She even provides benefits of PMS and perimenopause.

This book provides excellent insight into the many aspects of the monthly cycle.  Her insight into the spiritual component makes this book different from others and thus, the one to get.  There is also a helpful 10 week study to do alone or in a group.  Her chapter notes provide further reading and insight into the topic.  It's well written and easy to understand.  The suggestions are varied to fit a variety of time limits, budgets, and needs.  I award this book 5 out of 5 pieces of bacon.

Lorraine Pintus has been involved in politics and public relations, sales and the corporate world.  She left that behind to raise her girls although she wrote in her spare time and had some weekend speaking engagements.  As her girls grew, so did her ministry to women.  She is now an author and speaker encouraging women.  She has also worked with Linda Dillow. 

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