Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fearless by Max Lucado

Fearless by Max Lucado Published by Thomas Nelson

Most people are afraid of at least one thing. Many are afraid of more than one thing. Our fears range from flying and illness to the economy and natural disasters. We wake up in the morning with them and go to sleep with them. It isn't often we can leave them behind and they leave their mark on us. We end up sleepless or with health problems. In Fearless Max Lucado explores some of our common fears and the fears of those in the times of Jesus. He then examines those fears in the light of the words and life of Jesus. Lucado states that we do not have to live in fear.
Just trust Jesus. Don't worry. In fact, you have no reason to worry. Sounds really simple doesn't it? I was a reluctant reader of Fearless at first. The more I read, the more Lucado made sense. He gives many Scripture references which makes it easy to go through and reread them, memorizing them for times of need. There are many things of concern in this world, but we do not need to be owned by them. The one downfall with this book is that I know some of the Bible translations he uses are weak and I most likely will go through with a stronger Bible to reread the references. Overall though, an excellent book.

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